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Lakelse Consulting History

Allan Lanctot – Co-owner/First Class Power Engineer

Allan is a semi-retired First Class Power Engineer with 40+ years of experience. Having launched LCS in 2002, it is his forward-thinking “get it done” attitude and drive that has made the company a concrete platform that enables the success of both Power Engineers and clients in the industry.

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Elisabeth Lanctot – Co-owner/ Finance Director

Elisabeth brings extensive administrative and financial experience to the team as LCS Co-owner and Director of Finance. While maintaining that funds are properly managed and well monitored, Elisabeth keeps LCS’ financial sector organized and running smoothly.

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Gail Driemel – Human Resource Manager

Gail is a talented and respected team leader with years of experience in Human Resources, as well as Business Administration. Not only does she have an excellent understanding of the industry, but her inspiring positivity and passion shine through to the clients and power engineers she connects with on a daily basis. Gail and the Human Resources Team are confident that they can partner with you in your search for talent or new opportunities and provide results.

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